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School of TEFL

LinkedIn ELT Professionals Discussions - Archive

Winter 2017

1. The biggest problem for language learners.

2. Bilingual more intelligent than monolingual?

3. Word Classes.

4. Extensive Reading. Your experience?

5. Watch or See?

6. A Grammar Question.

7. I'm loving it.

8. My Perfect Classroom.

9. Moving countries to teach English.

10. Strange Grammar.

11.  What is teaching?

Fall 2016

1. This is controversial. Native English isn't king.
2. Green Mile film discussion lesson -
3. What's correct? "Board of Directors" -
4. Can "Where" refer to a noun of place? -
5. The teacher is not going to ... - Your analysis. -
6. What is Digital Literacy? -
7. Creating Video Lessons -
8. The Sapir Whorf hypothesis. -
9. EFL PPT Games. -
10 Internet Censorship in China -

Spring 2016

1. Teaching Young Learners -

2. How much personal info. do you share with students? -

3. Do foreign teachers steal the jobs of locals? -

4. No Shoes. Will you try this in class? -

5. CELTA Extended Written Task -

6. Assessment - Effort or Knowledge? -

7.  Self Regulated Learning? -

8. Students expect a lecture but we do CLT. Why? -

9. What did you used to do but don't anymore in class? -

10. What is your teaching style? -

11.  Coffin or casket?  What's the diff? -

12. ESL vs EFL -

13. Considered to be vs Considered as -

14. Good book on adult language acquisition -

Winter 2016

1. Is a Master's really worth it?

2. Critical issues in a mainstream textbook. Suggestions?

3.  Dictionary definitions.  Opinion or fact?

4. Main differences between ESL and EFL

5. How important is it to learn the local language?

6. Teaching students to evaluate online info

7. Common native speaker mistakes

8. Does it help to be good looking as a teacher?

9. The death of the past participle

10. What constitutes class participation?

11. A fairer ELT industry

12.Chomsky on the problems of teaching

Fall 2015

1. What book series to use?

2. Why do we teachers get such poor results?

3. Transcripts for listening. Good idea?

4. Viewing, the 5th Macro Skill?

5. Teaching phrasal verbs. Tips?

6. Detect meaning in the sound of a language?

7. Using tech in a low resource setting.

8. Invite to dinner or invite for dinner?

9. Common mistakes native speakers make?

10.Proficiency test for native speakers?

Summer 2015

1.  Silent movies in the ELT Classroom.

2.  Older children get less creative. Why?

3.  Eponyms from a group of people. Welsh on a bet.

4.  Would you enjoy your own class if you were in it? 

5.  Making students think in English. How?

6.  A fairer ELT industry. Join the call.

7.  Teaching "sweatshops".  Critical pedagogy.

8.  Do you wear a mask as a teacher?

9.  Mixed Ability Classes

10. I wish my students knew ....

11. Reasons for low proficiency after long period of study.

12. Why are there exception if there are rules in English?

13. A good lesson has a beginning, middle and end. Agree?

14. Have western teacher trainers got it all wrong?

Spring 2015

1.  How reliable are tests like IELTS and iBT?

2.  Get all worked up?  - what does this phrase mean?

3.  Using Cellphones in class.

4.  Do students hate English?

5.  Preparing students for the CPE exam.

6.  Music with lyrics in language learning.

7.  QR codes in the language classroom.

8.   How "global" is the English language?

9.   Pronunciation - too many differences.

10. Do great teachers = great results?

11. What factors contribute to teacher deskilling?

12. What is the best way of improving speaking?

Winter 2015

1. M.A. or Delta?

2. Languages without distinct nouns or verbs.

3. Students think English lessons are useless.

4. How often do you fail as a teacher?

5. For those deciding on a qualification.

6. Are you a joiner?

7. Syllabification of a polysyllabic word.

8. The power of proverbs.

9. Disempowered teachers.

10. If students learn while cheating, is it cheating?

11. Tools to encourage creative thinking and collaboration.

12. Dealing with dyslexia.

13. Teacher burnout. How to prevent?

14. How would you structure a 4 hour ESOL class?

Summer / Fall 2014

1. Thoughts about team teaching?

2.  Are non-native speaking English teachers discriminated against?

3.  Should mother tongues be allowed in the ELT classroom?

4.  What do you do when you don't know the answer?

5.  Flipped Learning.

6.  Written transcripts of listening materials.

7.  How would you describe the ideal language learner?

8.  Mon Dieu! Why is the French language swamped with English?

9.  Are teachers worldwide valued in terms of pay, respect?

10,  How to motivate shy students?

11.  Multiple Intelligence theory and Gardner.

12.  Discipline problem with toddlers. Help!

Summer 2014

1. Mystery Quiz: 12 Statements about ELT.   Answers:

2. A research proposal.  Share your ideas.

3. Co-teaching advice.

4. Is this sentence correct. Help!

5. One of the biggest flaws of grammar lessons are they ignore grammar.

6. Learning words is like eating chocolate.

7. Powerpoint teaching resources.

8. Are schools, prisons?

9. What do you think about Open English?

10. With technology, will teachers continue to exist?

11. The Callan method.

12. What do you do when you don't know the answer?

Spring 2014

1.  English isn't that difficult!

2.  How do you teach phrasal verbs?

3.  Problems students have with the Future Perfect tense.

4.  Which is more helpful to improve writing: literature or newspapers?

5.  How can we help instructors with their curriculum development process?

6.  What are some "worst practices" in ELT?

7.  Teaching with technology myths.

8.  How good is your grammar?

9.  How to make students pay attention in class?

10. Are native speakers really the "best" teachers?

Winter 2014

1. Does the English Language need more letters?

2. Grammar comes before vocabulary.

3. SMS texting language is worrying me.

4. Effective ways to teach phrasal verbs.

5. Should we teach students to swear?

6. To what extent are teachers responsible for student motivation?

7. Which education is better: online or offline?

8. Is there a rule to use verb + inf. VS verb + pres. part?

Fall 2013

1. Do you allow eating inside the classroom?

2, Preventing kindergarten students from speaking L1. How?

3. Are flipped classrooms more learner centric?

4. All teachers in my country should have a TEFL Certificate.

5. The death of the past participle.

6. Phd's - why do they get so much seniority?

7. Unannounced teacher observations.

8. Dumb ways to die. Appropriate content?

9. Tablets vs Laptops. Your thoughts?

10. Should English be the official language of the UN?

11. Can we use a possessive with non living objects? ex. table's legs.

12, How many hours does it take to be fluent in English?

13. Br. or Am. accent. Which do your students prefer?

14, 50 things to do the first week back at school.

15. Which level do you prefer to teach?

16. What is the most powerful resource in your classroom?


Summer 2013

1. A cognitive approach. What does it mean to you? -

2. Teacher Echo. Helpful or controling? -

3. Poll: Are native speaking teachers always better? -

4. Speaking English with native speakers is the quickest way? -

5. Are hybrid or impure accents a problem? -

6. Is there any difference between “study” and “learn”? -

7. What is more important? Teacher skill or personality? -

8. To correct or not? If yes, when and how? -

9. Ideas to get students speaking more in open classes -

10. Which is the easiest language to learn from birth? -

11. Traditional books or eReaders? -

12. Crevice or crevasse? -

13. Teaching metacognition to students -


Spring 2013

1. Tell Me A Word I Don't Know -

2. Can a teacher be "good"if they aren't good with people? -

3. Should English be the official language of the EU? -

4. Best day as a teacher so far? -

5. Teaching English as a second language to impaired kids -

6. Is good grammar still important? -

7. What are the most effective tips to reduce "Teacher Talk Timee"? -

8. What makes a teacher trainer? -

9. 50 ways to use video in the classroom -

10. Are the techniques for ESL classes different from EFL classes?

11, Free Basic TEFL Certificate Course -

12, Should we pre-teach vocabulary before reading? -

13, Is Online Education our future? -

14. How important is reading in the L2 learning process -

15, Can a language be taught without teaching any grammar? -


Winter 2012 - 2013

1. Can language be taught without teaching any grammar?

2. Is it correct to say “Did you finally get retired?”

3. Recommend a suitable textbook for a Muslim country.

4. Which is correct - The Beatles or the Beatles?

5. Does anyone want to share their funny ESL moments?

6. Tell us about a class that really went well.

7. “I never teach my students, I show them how to learn”.

8. What are your favorite time saving tips?

9. 50 tasks for teaching with just a blank piece of paper.

10. Who is a “native speaker”?

11. Is it necessary to teach the Phonetic Alphabet to beginners?

12. Are you a subversive teacher?


Summer 2012

1. How important is pronunciation?

2. Having a physical relationship with a consenting adult (student)

3. Are adult learners really more motivated?

4. Is it the teacher's job to take care of the emotional needs of students?

5. Action Research. Name your topic.

6. Are native speakers better teachers?

7. Students learn best when.....

8. Unannounced teaching observations. Good or bad?



1. What methods do you use to ensure vocabulary retention post study?

2. English teachers need to be trained - agree or disagree?

3. The Common European Framework (CEFR)

4. A student has their head down, sleeping in class. I would ....

5. What should we focus if we got 30 hours to train teachers(speakers of other languages))? How to make it effective?

6. Hello ,everyone.I'm an English teacher from Bulgaria and would like to know if anyone is interested in students exchanges.

7. Teaching Functional Language

8. I'm in the process of developing a new method of teaching language for adults.

9. First Day Of Classes:

10. What books or articles have most influenced your teaching?:

11. If you could change one thing about ELT, what would it be?:

12. Is phonics necessary to teach pronunciation?:

13. How many sounds are there in English? :

14. Should all teachers have a TEFL certificate?:

15. What's the best way to use pop songs?:

16. What qualities should an ideal foreign language teacher have?:

17. What will happen if a teacher is more of a comedian than a teacher?:

18. LinkedIn groups and spammers. What to do?

19. Lifeless teaching and a lifeless class. What to do?

20. Students learn best when....


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