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  • by Limi Marie Bauer, 16 days ago

    Excellent content

    I took this class as a refresher, as I've been teaching ESL for over 12 years, and felt I needed to get back to the basics. This course was clear, full of interesting video clips, overflowing with additional resources and enjoyable. It is well worth it!

  • by Debi Bonine, 19 days ago

    Very Helpful

    I appreciated the ways that technology can be incorporated into teaching that were demonstrated by the Professor's work. I appreciated the autonomous learning format and the many online resources that were provided. A very nice introduction to TESOL for those considering this for themselves.

  • by Lea Cruz, a month ago


    I’m very honored to know and to study this course. It’s very useful and informative. I recommend this to anyone who would like to teach and to those who have taught but don’t have a background about TESOL.

    I’ve learned many things from the course using/reading the videos, audio, presentations, online references, supplementary materials and external resources. I make use of the website links (School of TEFL, English Central and EFL Classroom 2.0) to watch/read the webinars, teacher training presentations, professional development ideas, etc.

    Again thank you very much Prof. David Deubelbeiss.

  • by Patience Brooks, 1 month ago

    Very, very useful and helpful information

    This course was a very good introduction into TESOL teaching. For someone like me who is easing into this field very slowly, this was the perfect thing and I'm so glad I took the course. The material is very easy to follow regardless of how much or how little you know about ESL teaching. I would definitely recommend this course. It was also a reasonable price as well (for those on a budget like me). Excellent course. The material alone is invaluable.

  • by Vishal Ganguli, 7 days ago

    Fantastic and useful !!!

    Fantastic course for teachers teaching foreign languages, strategies and resources are well outlined which helped me to improve my teaching in ESL

  • by Marta Soto Ortiz, 5 days ago


    I find this course really interesting. I have tried to implement all the techniques in my classes and all of them had a great success among my students.

  • by Jacintha William, 7 days ago


    This course gives a person the opportunity to gain more knowledge on the teaching methods and pedagogy. It also motivates teachers to improve classroom teaching

  • by Shaun, 8 days ago

    Great Class!

    This is a very informative program for those who choose to really dive in. You will get what you put in to it. It is structured in a way to challenge you but to not allow you to fail. This program was free and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

  • by Ionela Eleonora Moldovan, 28 days ago

    it help me to undestand the students and the teachers to.thanks....i didn t finish yet ...but hope soon.LOVE IT

  • by Elsabe, 1 month ago

    Basic TEFL Certificate course

    I am not a qualified teacher, but with this course I believe I will be able to start teaching English. The sequence in which the modules are arranged, took me from zero knowledge to understanding what teaching is about, especially interacting with the learners. 

    Thank you

  • by Mark Ronald, 1 month ago


    It is a great course, I really enjoyed and learned. Thank you very much Professor David.

    Mark Ronald

  • by Rosemarie V. DeHaan, 1 month ago

    Professional Development

    As extra hours per year are required, an on-line course seemed the ideal solution....not that I expected to learn anything! On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and will use some of the items learned in my classroom.

  • by Irwin Vinod, 1 month ago


    This is a professional and well prepared teaching course. One can equip with not only knowledge but helpful tools how to deal with learners in classroom.

  • by George Diez-Sands, 1 month ago

    Excellent Course

    I found it very detailed yet easy to understand. Very informative and focused allowing me to stay on track and get done in a reasonable time.

  • by M.Carmen Fita Lluch, 1 month ago

    Course Review

    I think it is a good course as it includes real-life examples. It is a very practical course and it covers the basics of teaching English as a second language. Very interesting introduction to the teaching languages world!

  • by Predrag Pejcic, 2 months ago

    Great Course!

    I would like to thank you for this great course. I learned a lot from it and it has been an honor to take your course. You helped me improve both as person and as teacher.

  • by Margarita Gelos, 2 months ago


    Complete, easy to follow, feedback, and free. 

    What more? Gives you plenty to learn and reflect.

  • by Luis A Gonzalez, 2 months ago

    Just do it

    I would like to recommend this basic TEFL certificate course to all. I do have a master's in education but this was totally different, because teaching languages is not easy..I want to thank you for letting take this opportunity.

  • by Pete Garcia, 2 months ago

    great course I recommend it to all of you...

  • by Betche M. Tabilid, 2 months ago

    Quite impressive

    I had been an ESL teacher for almost 6 years now and had tried my best in teaching them. I just did my best for the Lord;creating a good learning environment, preparing visual aids, conducting games, drills and other stuff that could motivate the students.While I was into with each video in this course, I am grateful to every teacher who shared the best of his/her ability to teach the students. It is not actually sharing your knowledge to them but it is actually putting your heart to them. Thanks to Professor David Deubelbeiss for having this TEFL Certificate Course here for free. I did appreciate it. I believe that the good Lord will surely bless the work of your hands. I learned a lot and gained more strength to teach...:)God bless you once again!


  • 2 months ago

    I've learned the way to teach and the way to improve myself.

    As I am a new teacher teaching children an English, I have learned how to teach and how to develop my teaching skills from this course. I have to say thank you very much to Professor David Deubelbeiss for creating this course that helps a lot of new English language teacher to learn how to teach and how to improve themselves.

  • I have completed the course, when will i receive my certification. Is this an International recognized certification accredited by a body of some sort? or is it a certification of completing your TEFL course.

  • by LorriAnne Rae Kump, 2 months ago

    Why I Enjoyed this Course

    Everything was grouped very well into small sections. The extra readings are also very helpful. The course format is also very easily used, with all lectures on one page, and just a button needed to move on to the next lecture. I really appreciate the work that went into this course! i know it's not easily thrown together, and this has been thought out and planned with students in mind.

  • by Audrey Jamieson, 3 months ago

    Comprehensive with lots of great resources!

    A terrific opportunity to receive basic TEFL training and earn a certificate. Extensive supplementary web-based readings and resources are also provided for each covered topic which allow you to further broaden your knowledge and to become familiar with various ideas and viewpoints. These resources also include activity plans, helpful forms, grading rubrics, and links to hundreds MORE resources.

  • by Dominick Inglese, 3 months ago

    Good course

    Good course

  • by Julie Morrill, 4 months ago

    Caters to Motivated, Intelligent, Online Students

    I appreciated the pacing of the course that fits individual needs, the rich content with videos and slides with clearly-written teaching points, and many wonderful examples of other teachers and their teaching styles.

  • by John Reyes, 5 months ago

    I have just completed the basic TEFL certificate course offered by David Deubelbeiss and I am completely impressed. The course was well prepared and has all of the downloadable info a teacher could ever dream of having at their fingertips. I am very glad and pleased to nave taken this course and I highly recommend it to all others in the teaching field. A hearty thanks, David. This is rated easily as a five star course. I can't wait to get my certificate and get started!!!! Thank you.

    John Reyes

  • by Deb F H Chan, 4 months ago

    Great course towards studying a full TESOL/TEFL qualification and for professional development.

    Many great resources that covers teachings to all age groups + more! It was also great to refresh my teaching knowledge and learn some new teaching terminology (especially terminology that I never came across while studying towards my teaching qualification). I am qualified in teaching elementary to junior high school levels and currently teaching in early childhood. I was very pleased to find resources for teaching within early childhood (is there any more resources you could recommend?) and am looking forward towards more courses by Prof. David Deubelbeiss. Other than some of the technical glitches, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is intending on studying towards a full TESOL/TEFL qualification or, looking for further professional development.

  • by Cathy Nova, 5 months ago

    I have finished the course! It was great!!!

    Hello once again! Today I've finished your wonderful course. There's so much interesting information and great ideas about how I can make my work more rewarding and my students more interested in learning. Of course, I hope to turn to your materials again and again, as they provide a big amount of useful teaching methods and practice. So, THANK YOU A LOT!!!! And wishing you hard-working students brining you stimulus for future research and professional development! Thank you!

  • by Brandon S. McLeod, 5 months ago

    Great course!

    I used this course to supplement my studies for the ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Praxis exam. It was a great resource and prepared me well. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking into a career in TESOL/TEFL/TESL.

  • by Cigdem Dincer, 5 months ago

    This is a Great Course which is worth taking

    I completed this course in a very short time because I was so engaged in the lectures that I even did not recognize when I came to the last lecture. I learned a lot. I highly recommend it.

  • by Venice Wyatt, 6 months ago

    Happy there is such an accessible programme. Inspired idea! I'd definately recommend this course. Thank you Dr David.

    The videos alone are not so comprehensive & also there is no grammar content, which is my reasoning for not awarding 5stars.

    However, when each segment is accompanied by all the recommended readings and links you have More than enough information and inspiration to grasp each module. I struggled with the wording of some of the Quiz Q's, & when there were multiple choice answers it should stipulate how many Q's we should tick- as I lost marks for this. But the fact that we can repeat the tests was more than generous.

    I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting a good grounding in teaching & classroom strategies.

  • by Brianna Church, 7 months ago

    Worth your time,Thank you

    If you are interested in teaching english, this course is a great start. It is perfect if you are unsure before spending alot of money on a certificate then, finding out it isn't for you. There are alot of resources that you can use for a lifetime if you plan a career in TEFL. I had alot of fun doing this course and I feel alot more prepared ,knowing what I am getting myself into.

    Thank you for helping me decide what I wanted to pursue for my future and giving me a head start.

  • by Thin T, 8 months ago

    Great Course!!!

    Great course, teaches you the fundamentals to succeed!

  • by Benedick John B. Abichuela, 9 months ago


    This course helps me in considering a lot of factors for an effective English teaching. I recommend this to everyone who are looking for a convenient course to take.

    Thanks to David!

  • by Anna Vanti, 7 days ago

    Very good, thanks a lot for this chance to learn additional things for my teaching.

  • by Robert Myers, 1 month ago

    very good ideas and methods


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