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This lecture will look at both inductive learning strategies and also how to use task based learning in your classroom. Both approaches foster student participation and student centered learning.

We will look at what makes an inductive lesson. Further, using activities from Andrew Finch's book "Tasks for the High School textbook", we will design and share lessons based on his excellent ideas (Andrew is a professor of education at Kyungpook Nat. University in Daegu).

Here are the lecture readings and handouts....You will also have to make one reflective entry either here or on paper/journal. Please take a moment to look at some of these videos which describe many of the activities in the above mentioned resource book of Andrew Finch. I'll be showing a few in the lecture....

Activities to help teach the H.S. textbook!

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The textbook above is NOT a reading! Sorry, my mistake, this article also should be included.
Some more materials of interest, more activities to compliment the high school text book
Here is the main presentation about inductive learning and also learning about our roles..
here are the ppts.
more ppts and activities
Find the powerpoints -- Super Vocabulary, Everyday English and English for everyone here!

Further, here is the ppt that I used in today's lecture.
Here are a few more things from the workshop. It was a pleasure meeting you all and I applaud your enthusiasm and energy. Good luck with the rest of the course!



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