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This lecture will primarily focus on DEBATES.

We will learn why debates are great for both learning English and fostering critical thinking skills in our students.

You will learn how to hold a formal debate and also particpate in preparing for and holding a debate!

We will also look at how to set up small discussions in class using photos.

Here are the reading (not so many!) and handouts. Please go to EFL Classroom for many more discussion and debate materials. Discussion.and Debate

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Here are a couple books that provide many pictures for initiating discussion.....
These two books offer materials and lessons for debating topics.... Also, the Angel/Devil game
Here is my ppt for Debate in the EFL context and the rubric making handout.
Here are some more debate materials....
Here are some discussion card starters....
Here is the updated ppt from my lecture and also the celebrity discussion sheets....


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