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Here you will find loads of writing resources that I've collected and made all about the Persuasive or expository essay. (also known as the 5 paragraph essay). Please submit your required essay one week after your last class. You can either hand it in to me at SETI or submit by email to .

Larry Ferlazzo's blog has a nice list of resources for teaching the persuasive essay!

Here is the Eyebrow story.

We will be using the book - Writer's at Work - The Essay. Here is the answer key to the Persuasive Essay and Introduction / Explanatory essay parts!

I've uploaded some of those we will use in class below , for quick reference.

I'll also be uploading here, other material both part of the course and extra. Enjoy and please comment and have some discussion. That's how we learn!

Here's my Writing Tips presentation to get you motivated! Also a nice ppt about writing a persuasive essay and the Transl8it writing game we will do in class.

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Dear teachers,

Here is a nice video which outlines what we are attempting to do with the 5 paragraph essay. Nice, clear English.

Also, no class on the 25th! See you May 2nd. Find attached the ppt about transitions and also the sentence stretchers and 4 square brainstorming ppt. Also see this book of writing "gaps" which is handy for teaching writing!!!!

Here's another essay making video.....
Here are some of the other writing ppts we used for your reference....
Here are some of the other writing ppts we used for your reference....
Some more things we covered in class and to help you....
hi David . Here is my essay. Enjoy!
Here is a nice set of rubrics for the expository essays!

Read this document on Scribd: All 6 Rubrics
Mr. X materials.
Dear trainees,

I showed some of the classes the story - Heungbu and Nolbu -- go here to get the ppt and handouts for getting students to write this story...

We had some wonderful essays --- In my promotion of "sharing" and the publishing end of the writing process, I've collected all the best essays from this session (but everyone in total did A GREAT JOB!). Only one exclusion , Ah, Seongsil's "Let's Eat Organic Food" which got 100%. If she is nice, maybe she can also upload and share here?

Congratulations to everyone who wrote such wonderful essays.

1. Amazing Seoul - Park, Mi Soon
2. Death with Dignity - Oh, Sun Young
3. Around the world in 100 days - Choi, Guy Jong
4. Eat Healthily - Park, Ok Kyung
5. Extensive Reading - Lee, Hye Young
6. Old Soldiers Never Die - Moon, Soon Dan
7. Take a Walk - Hanna Cho
8. Stop Smoking - Lee, Yun Jung
9. Studying Abroad - Choi, Eun Kyung
10. Let's Eat Organic - Ahn, Seong Sil
Here is the answer key for our textbook - both the Introduction / Explanatory and the Persuasive chapter answer key!
Here are both 2009 (NEW) and the 2008 and 2007 Exemplary essays by SMOE Teachers. Thanks to all the teachers that put such a fine effort into these. Well done!



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