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Dear teachers,

It will be my pleasure to meet you during our summer Basic Conversation Course. Find here the topics/lessons we will go through.

I've also included the course schedule.

My lessons will be on;

A) BIG - The movie ( a classic and lots of great speaking / listening practice)

B) Korea - Talk about Korea, share your knowledge with the class! What do you know about your native country?

See you soon!


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Here are a few more things, including the Jeopardy game for the movie Big.
Do you want to watch the movie's end? Share with loved ones? You can and it is easy to download on the internet. Follow these steps.

1. Download uTorrent which will download it for you. Run and install.

2. Go here and Click "Download this Torrent". uTorrent will open and you should select OK. It will now download onto your computer. Go to uTorrent and you can see how long it will take and also click Options - Preferences - Download and you will see the folder in your computer where it will be located.

3. Watch on your Gom player. If it doesn't play, also try - download the vlc player, it plays everything!

4. Here are the English subtitles. Just put them in the same folder as the movie and make sure they have they same name as the movie file. Then they will play.


Here are the Korea Provinces project materials. Lots of good stuff here. Please visit to get Andrew Finch's teachers guide and to buy the book. You can get it (along with thousands of other resources/books I've uploaded there) at our scribd page
Please see the conversation on the main page about Great Resource Books. Here are some other resources to help teach about 'Korea".

Some more Heungbu Nolbu
More folktales for the classroom..
some more Korea things to help
Hi, David~ Having fun?
I appeciate your support and help for summer basic conversation class..
As you informed us, I download the Karafun program and many songs.
I even made Karaoke file on my own. It was interesting..
Do you remember the 20 Q game we played? How the computer guessed our object - "chopsticks". Well, go here to to play with your own students.

Also, see the attached 20 Q Korea handout which students can use to play 20 questions in groups or pairs after doing the vocabulary matching activity....

Also, this running dictation handout really works well. Just put the full article on the wall. As many as you have groups of 3/4. Give each one a number for the group number. One student in each group is a secretary. On - GO! the other students go to the article and read it. They run back and tell the secretary who records/writes it down. Continue until one group is finished and correct....



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