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Presentation Skills -- Workshop and Presenting information / Evaluating...

This course consists of

1.4 X 200 min classes or modules.  (this depends on your teaching styles / students etc...)

A) Presentation Practice

B) Presentation Tips

C) Presentation Performance

D) Presentation Perfection

2. Last class Presentation day. Trainees will give a formal presentation using the skills they learned and practiced in class.

Find here below, lots of handouts, downloads which will be used in my classes. Please visit the A/V player for many videos and speeches.

Also purchase the full course as an ebook with resources here (or become a Digital Resources subscriber to get this and 1,00os more resources. )

This Presentation is my all time favorite for Education! See it also in our A/V player where you can download the video to watch on your computer.

Here are the main presentations from our first course session!

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here are the discussion materials from the workshop.
Here are some rubrics that are good for presentations.

Some more rubriks and the graph attack ppts


Graph attack   (see the ppt version below)

Here are more tips and the video - Presentation tips!
Here is the tell us about cards for the transition game! Plus some helpers for presentations and speaking...
Here are a couple more discovery network public speaking videos and the teacher's guide
Please see this fantastic speech by Oprah with transcript! Also this commencement address is quite famous.
Worst Presentation Habit # 10 - An uninspiring ending ! Wow ~ I'm overwhelmed by it. How can we make an inspiring ending. Any idea ?
I add one question here...

I just looked up Teacher Training / Glossary of ELT Term. In your class today, you mentioned Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is related with extensive reading....I'm not sure what it means...
Now I understand what an 'inspiring ending' means...It's like 'Why don't you try ...?' It's the end of the speech, but also the beginning of practicing what I was trying to say in my speech...
Here are the mini speech jigsaw materials.



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