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Media listening is a big part of education these days. In my two lessons we will look at

A) Using current events in the classroom and specifically a site, Breaking News English
We will discuss various methodologies for using the news in the classroom and also
look at WHY we should use current events in our classrooms. We will also test our
own current events knowledge!!!

B) Media awareness/literacy. How aware are you of how the media operates and
influences our behavious. We will watch commercials and analyze them for basic
principles of media awareness. We will make/perform our own commercials and
do activities which will help us see how power the hold of the media can be! What
is the difference between fact and opinion? Why do advertisers do to make us
buy? We will watch a video that can answer many of these questions.
The links for the sites covered in current events are:

CNN Student News
BBC Newsround
Here are some of the news videos I have made and use in the classroom. Also, some of the materials we will use in our course.

Here is a great list of Commercials! click and play!

Wisk – Ring around the collar 70’s -

Best commercial ever. Tantrum Boy -

Spontex Scrubber -

Pepsi – Soccer Commercial -

Modern Bathroom -

You got the right one baby! Diet Pepsi -

Jennifer Anniston – Heineken -

Dentistry Commercial -

Low Fat Tuna -

Berlitz German coastguard -

Berlitz Wheelchair -

Learn English! – Cat / Fish -

Adidas Muhammad Ali -

Pepsi Becham Sumo -

Cyon Commercial -

Fed ex kinkos meeting -

Castaway Fed ex -

Toy Soldiers -

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Here are some TV commercial analysis graphic organizers/charts
Here are the breaking English news videos and also some ideas from the site....Find more commercials in the A/V player at EFL classroom 2.0 and find more news karaokes on the Karaoke page.

Also find here some newsround programs for viewing!
Here are a few more commercial activities -- brands and Fact / opinion. 2007 in review (current events)
Attachments: Student news materials for May 20th



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