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Here are some of our course materials that we will be using. Also some links to great reading resources.

1. Go HERE to get the A-Z Readers. You'll have to register for EFL Classroom but all your students can use your one ID and Password. Also, go here for all the downloadable books.

Here's the famous eyebrow story!

2. There are lots of audio stories online. Tar Heel Reader I highly recommend. Register and use "literacy" as the secret code, so you can make books! Here's my one about Seoul! Also, try this Story Page for audio stories! or the Karaoke page for Karaoke stories!

Amazing Stories 1 . zip
Amazing Stories 2 .zip

This presentation has lots of useful information. I give a long lecture to all the new foreign EPIK teachers a few times each year on Reading and Writing. I enjoy it and try to get them thinking what it is to be a student in their class.

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Here's the story we read in class.... I'll Love you Forever by Robert Munsch - Click the story page and get the PaperBag Princess there. Or both on the Karaoke page!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0
These funny stories are great for either listening practice or storytelling and reading...guess the punchline! (last sentence).

You're always so energetic! Your eagerness about education is worth to be spread all over the world where they are interested in education. I want to say standing second language acquisition viewpoint. Most of materials have been focused about gaining interest for students. But, I want to suggest repetition method. Perhaps, I have been using this method so much. And, I haven't used the English conversation method in my class. In Korea, the conversation method is nearly impossible. In this situation, I had thought about efficiency of teaching. Teachers in Korea have so many documents and burdens. I have usually used repetition method of basic grammars. If we suggest that we find the tenses of present, past, and future in 300 sentences. It seems very easy to students, after they repeat several times. I also thought like that. But, almost of them couldn't do that even though they were high level students. Almost all of my age era have phobia about English grammar. There was no reason learning grammar but to memorize. But, after I became English teacher, I had no choice but to use garmmar. Because, it's important to implant fundamental ability not to forget, permeating essential instinct is sometimes necessary. Even though they are low level students, they will be able to study English sometime. Anyway, I have gained so much invisible effect for students. After one or more years, they had some confidence about English. We can make one maxim. Application is so difficult to achieve, but great when it is achieved.
Here is the worksheet for making questions for any True Story!



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