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We will meet every Wed. and I'll be addressing the beginning parts of Jeremy Harmer's wonderful book - How to teach writing.

Please find the materials mentioned during our time together - below - for your download and use/review. Enjoy! Also, see this post about the BEST Websites for use in EFL writing.

Also read online (what is in your handbook), many writing activities and methods for teaching writing in the EFL...

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here are the two activities we did. Grammar poems and interviewing.

Korea grammar poem.doc

School grammar poem.doc


1001 Writing Prompts.doc
These are some other materials that will help you teach writing in your classroom...

This is the list of Writing Activities that is in your handbook.

phonics workbook.pdf

Writing organizers.pdf
Stories and Writing go hand in hand!

Here are a few picture handouts for teaching stories. Use the PPTS available here for a prewriting activity.

Use these funny stories. Read and then have students try to write the story in their own words to share with others.
Funny Stories.doc

Use these finish it cards as prompts. Students have to use them as a guide and finish the sentences in writing. After - share with the class!

You Finish It - David.doc
Here are the TRANSL8IT.COM games. Visit the site to transl8 your own textbook materials for practicing writing.

Here too are the rhebus stories I discussed. Even make your own!
Rebus stories.doc
Here are the joke handouts you liked.!!!
Hi David,

Here is my lesson ideas on 'Regret' using 'Mr. Bean' video clip. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to upload files, tring to remember your instructions. Somehow, however, I feel like I am writing you an e-mail right now instead of posting my lesson ideas. If so, I would appreciate if you upload these files for me. Please be understanding, considering that I am dummy on hi-tech. Thanks!

Jihee Park

This worked perfectly! Don't worry about "learning" - everyone has to learn this stuff, there is no "magic" to it! You did great! It is kind of like an email (will notify you ) but also, separate. So it is both an email and a post (others don't see the replies here unless I want them to!)

Thanks for sharing, it is a great lesson idea. See my own Mr. Bean ppts and video lessons HERE. (use the same ID/PW to get onto EFL Classroom).

Happy holidays, get lots of rest!




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