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Teaching demands that we learn new skills so we can help our more "digital" learners. In this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to make some classroom materials that will help your students learn English.

This workshop will consist of three parts:

1. - Lecture: View some really essential Top 10 sites for EFL teachers!
How to download youtube videos!
Fill out the technological needs survey.

2. - Fling the Teacher / Multiple Choice
-- Learn how to make a game your class can play. Very easy!

3. - (Time permitting). If you have time and are finished. Watch the tutorials and
follow the instructions to make a) a Karaoke song b) A Photostory

All the instructions and downloadable links are in the replies below.
I hope you enjoyed the presentation and please see the additional materials below also. Further, leave any comments about the presentation below!

Thanks a million.


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Lecture - Top 10 Sites!

Also see Larry Ferlazzo's top 28 sites for learners. Also this full rundown of the top 100 sites for Learning for 2008! (attached) Also see my old list of BEST Sites!

Find all the links categorized at EFL Classroom's Diigo bookmarking site!
Fling the Teacher - Multiple Choice.

This is a great game, you can make for your classes. For review and for fun.

Get Fling the Teacher and Multiple Choice! Here is a nice example of both Fling the Teacher and Multiple Choice!

See the attached handout which outlines how to make your own game. Also watch this screencast and view a game made.

After you have made your game. Save and share/play with other teachers! Make sure to get your students making these to review your course/class content/curriculum! Hopefully you won't get "flung"! Find more games like this on EFL Classroom 2.0 . Click Play - Games
Making a Photostory 3

Photostory 3 is a great way you can display photos with text and sound. Open up the attachment and follow the instructions to make your own Photostory using the ppt Heungbu / Nolbu.

Watch this screencast of how to generate photos of powerpoint slides - so you have some photos to use in Photostory 3!

Good luck, it isn't difficult and there will be people around to help.

See the attached example of a finished product!
Making a karafun karaoke!

This isn't so difficult. Just download the karafun player and editor. Watch this screencast about how to make a file/song. Then try and make your own by adding an mp3 , a picture to the library and then some lyrics. Sync them and you are set....

The first time , takes some time but after that, you can make them in a flash. Please visit the karaoke page on EFL Classroom 2.0 for hundreds of great songs, essays, stories, speeches, dialogues and more!

If you make one - remember to SHARE with other teachers!

Here is an mp3 and lyrics for a great song! Get a photo by using naver or google and saving the photo. Or use this one!

Happy song making!
Here are some more trivia questions you could use!
Here is a list of flash songs.
Downloading a video you like for use in the classroom is easy.

1. go to
2. enter the url of the video . The url/address will look something like this
3. Save the video to your desktop. Rename the video.
4. Play in a standalone player like Gom or VLC

This handout below takes your through all the steps!

Also - on EFL Classroom 2.0's A/V player, you can directly download all the videos, just click the arrow on the right and download if you want to keep the video and play without internet streaming.



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