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This webinar looks at the reasons and possibilities of using Authentic Materials in the English language classroom.   The recording will be posted shortly after the webinar. 

See this previous blog post for further ideas and resources.  Also, so many great posts if you search HERE


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Here is the recording(only part - forgot to start it!) and the chat transcript with lots of ideas... Thanks to all who attended. 

 suha:Hello, David!
  suha:Thank you so much for this opportunity. But what if I am at school having classes on Wed at 10 a.m.? How can I watch the webinar?
  iqbal hussain:can you tell me pakistani time as well please
  silvia urbina:hello
  silvia urbina:What time is the talk in Peru?
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:You can check the local time at this link
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:The recording will be on the event page - don't you worry! There is a button there to Past events. Also -
  Rinaldo Junior:Hey there you guys who are already here... so happy to be here finally i'm able to make it to this wonderful thing
  Rinaldo Junior:looking forward to it
  Daniel K:Me, too! :) Thanks for putting this on, David!
  Rinaldo Junior:Hey daniel where are you from man?
  Rinaldo Junior:Is there anybody here from Brazil?
  Daniel K:I'm from Toronto, Canada... But I'm participating from Bandung, Indonesia! Just finished a very full day of teaching...
  Rinaldo Junior:What time is it there?
  Daniel K:a quarter to nine in the evening
  Rinaldo Junior:Ohhhhh. here is still 10:44 in the morning
  Daniel K:I think we're gonna get a real international crowd! And hopefully the flaky internet here doesn't stop working... :)
  Ana:Hi from Serbia
  Rinaldo Junior:yep i bet we are...
  Rinaldo Junior:Hi Ana, Brazil Here...
  Elize Marais:It's 23:00 in Korea ..
  Benjamin Stewart:Hello all!
  Rinaldo Junior:hello ben
  Benjamin Stewart:8:56 AM here in beautiful Aguascalientes, Mexico!
  Rinaldo Junior:Hey joyce is that you there from Brazil?
  Rinaldo Junior:Wooohoooo, Mexico so neat.
  maribel:Hello from the Netherlands.
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:hi everyone. We'll start in 2 minutes!
  Rinaldo Junior:okay
  Rinaldo Junior:allright  david
  maribel:There is still no sound at all, is that right?
  Benjamin Stewart:Sound-s good at this end.
  Rinaldo Junior:yeah
  Elize Marais:I can!
  Rinaldo Junior:i can perfectly hear you
  Ana:loud and clear
  raya:Hello from Israel!
  Rinaldo Junior:Wow Israel, that's way far from here
  Rinaldo Junior:heheheh, yeah that's really neat seeing you wearing those glasses
  Elize Marais:newspaper article
  Rinaldo Junior:hum.... what is meaningful for the students
  Rinaldo Junior:English Central
  Daniel K: A text that English native speakers would naturally  interact wtih on a daily basis...
  Daniel K:Podcasts...
  Rinaldo Junior:yeah
  Benjamin Stewart:Certain blogs that are not intended to teach something, but actually do.
  raya:internet stuff:news,youtube,magazines
  Benjamin Stewart:News, manuals, etc. shows
  Benjamin Stewart:emergent
  Rinaldo Junior:well I almost didn't see the 'not' coming
  Elize Marais:Magazines
  Rinaldo Junior:Friends
  Daniel K:Radio shows, podcasts, TV shows...
  Elize Marais:Joke books
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:weather report
  Benjamin Stewart:news broadcasts
  Rinaldo Junior:Tv series
  Ana:Pop song lyrics
  Elize Marais:Makes learning real
  Rinaldo Junior:its meaningful
  Daniel K:Excites students
  Daniel K:Gives a confidence boost
  maria:Hello from Spain
  Sandy:We define authentic material as material created by native speakers for native speakers in the cultural context
  raya:language barier
  Sandy:vulgar language
  Sandy:inappropriate material
  Benjamin Stewart:Disadvantanges: adapting materials to user levels.
  raya:cultural gaps
  Rinaldo Junior:u kinda don't control the flow of wht is comming to the students
  Daniel K:They take a long time to adapt, prepare activities around...
  Rinaldo Junior:yeah that's what i was gonna mention
  Rinaldo Junior:the time to prepare
  Benjamin Stewart:Know your students' interests and needs when adapting materials.
  Rinaldo Junior:and also to tranfer this to other teachers in your group is kinda hard too
  Benjamin Stewart:requires critical pedagogy perhaps
  Rinaldo Junior:cause then you researched and looked it up and then now for that teacher to understand what you mean
  Rinaldo Junior:can you still build language awareness when using authentic materials?
  Sandy:David..just an  FYI..the defnition I posted is how we define authentic materials at our insitute where we are training our military linguists.  If the material is not created by a native speaker for native speakers (the purpose as you stated) is it a simulation.  Just wanted to clarify.  Thanks for this basic overview.
  Elize Marais:I used it for tests and exams - then not so messy!
  Benjamin Stewart:Just make sure they have a life jacket. :)
  Benjamin Stewart:Know your students: interests, needs, learning preferences, etc.
  Benjamin Stewart:Vocabulary being it too easy/difficult, cultural lexicon that relates to the purpose of the lesson, etc.
  Rinaldo Junior:maybe just break it down though
  Rinaldo Junior:into parts
  Benjamin Stewart:I agree Rinaldo.
  Benjamin Stewart:Something they can relate to.
  Rinaldo Junior:ohhh that's so sad
  Benjamin Stewart:How can subsequent lessons link to the use of authentic materials
  Benjamin Stewart:Yes.
  Benjamin Stewart:Students too can create authentic material, IMHO.
  Csilla Benn, France:I like the idea that authetnic materials help them overcome their anxiety and make them better risk takers.
  Rod:Nice pic David
  Daniel K:While I was having lunch at a stall, a young Indonesian guy struck up a conversation with me. He claimed to have learned English through video game chat!
  Benjamin Stewart:Do mic here, but I like using dictoglosses with authentic text (written and spoken).
  Elize Marais:Mine was not for English learning- used tourist brochures and they had to create also
  Benjamin Stewart:You are able to integrate the skills.
  Benjamin Stewart:
  Benjamin Stewart:Sorry, long link.
  Elize Marais:Also took them on short tours - they had to be tour guides for oral work,
  Benjamin Stewart:This works well for paragraph development as well.
  Benjamin Stewart:Cutting out the sentences from a paragraph and have students create the paragraph.
  raya:you can also cut a picture/poto and let them match the headline,, the first lineandthepicture
  Rinaldo Junior:i'd like to talk to you if possible on buying the seats to my school on EC
  Benjamin Stewart:Great session!  Thanks everyone!
  Rinaldo Junior:on skype if possible i'll be on
  Elize Marais:Thanks - off to bed!
  raya:Thanks a lot!!
  Joyce:thanks David
  v:thanks a lot...
  Daniel K:Thanks!
  Rinaldo Junior:thanks man
  Csilla Benn, France:thanks a lot.
  Rinaldo Junior:awesome
  Rinaldo Junior:loved it
  Elize Marais:And thanks for all your wonderful material!
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:rinaldo, I'll email in 20 min about EC
  DAVID DEUBELBEISS:thank you everyone.



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