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Commonly known as "The Flipped Classroom", I prefer to call it "The Flipped Curriculum".

Meaning that the curriculum is not poured out upon the students but rather is raised up from the students.  A bottom up approach to curriculum and knowledge/learning. 


These resources are supplements to a previous talk and discussion at the Reform Symposium Conference . I've rerecorded it and watch it here.

 Click the images to go to recommended examples / readings / videos



Let's start here when thinking about the Flipped Curriculum and embracing "informal learning". 


Here are some recommend resources and readings for learning about the Flipped Classroom

--How the Flipped Classroom is radically transforming learning   


-- The Inverted Classroom (2000 - original reference and description)      Flipped ScoopIT


--  A student's perspective            How teachers are hacking their own textbooks


--Rejecting the flipped classroom   Ira Socol       Flipped? End of a love affair
-- Flipped Thinking: Daniel Pink and Karl Fisch    The Flipped Classroom Prezi

-- The Flipped Classroom Model. The full story.    The Flipped High School site

-- A modest proposal: Let's Flipped The Class     The Flipped Conference     Flipped Best Practices

--Reverse Instruction       Aaron Sams - Cutting through the hype and misconceptions

-- The Flipped Classroom webinar      Ira Socol voices caution about this model


-- The Flipped Classroom Wiki          Beyond The Videos        The Flipped Classroom: 4 Steps


-- The Future of Learning : Sugata Mitra   - A portal to media literacy; Michael Wesch  


-- Becoming Unflippable        Inductive Teaching / Learning      Baam Ed Tech podcast   

--  My Dirty Little Secrets about Flipped Classrooms    Flipping our classrooms around - Duke U.     Flip your Classroom with Edmodo Scavenger Hunt    (view the practical example)


-- Why an educator is flipping Colorado's classrooms       Empirical evidence flipping works

The main tenent behind the Flipped Curriculum is that learning is first done by the student in a self directed fashion. Teacher intervention only happens later, if at all.

This video is a must watch. It really puts the question of valuing informal learning (learning outside the classroom), front and center.

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A nice video, read the associated articleabout bringing in all stakeholders to make Flipped Learning work..... Also a few articles not specifically about the Flipped Classroom but examining its spirit - pushing aside teaching and focusing on learning and new ways of engaging students.


This is a nice article about the Ohio State national football champs and how flipped learning helped them as a team. (yes, football takes a lot of learning and its all about the details...). 

Also Kirsten Winkler recounts her own positive experiencesof how the flipped classroom is perfect for language learning. 

A nice handbook describing the flipped approach. 



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