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On Becoming a Reflective Teacher - License Training

This course will use the textbook - English Reflections. The main objectives are:

1. For teachers to reflect upon WHO they are as a teacher

2. For teachers to share their thoughts and practices with other teachers

3. For teachers to write and share reflections on current educational issues

Dec. 28th Lecture. Dr. Andrew Finch, author of our coursebook. Please find his outline below to read prior to his talk. Find his resources, as he mentioned at

Find below materials that may or may not be used during the course. Also HERE.  In any case, they are great activities to do and will help you discover more about yourself as both a person and an educator.

Who are you as a teacher? - Write your own Grammar Poem!


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This activity let's us compare our own feelings and beliefs about teaching and learning.

1. In pairs - fill out the survey. Or do it orally, one interviewing the other for each section.
2. If you disagree on one point, debate and discuss.....
TEACHER Attitudes and beliefs about teaching.ppt

TEACHER Attitudes and beliefs about teac

This activity gets teachers thinking about the 10 commandments of teaching / learning by H.D. Brown. First read the commandments and try to link the similar teaching commandment with that of the learning commandment. Take up with the powerpoint and compare...


The MBTI (Myers Brigg Type Indicators) are a good way to find out about ourselves. So too Gardner's Learning Styles. Here are some materials to help us discover more about ourselves....


here is a nice quiz to test your knowledge of how a second language is acquired. Let's see how you do! Also, see this other quiz which will test your knowledge of TESL/TEFL acronyms and alphabet soup.

MBTI survey sheets.doc

Language learning myths (test)

Co-teaching isn't the easiest thing in the world. Take this quiz to find out your score for coteaching out of 100. Also, use the survey to discuss your coteaching situation. Make sure you also do this with your coteacher - discuss with them all these points and it will surely help your relationship.

Co-Teaching for teachers (also use handouts).ppt
coteaching handouts for teachers.pdf
These general quizzes are good for teachers to find out more about themselves and colleagues. Simple and lots of fun....

Personality quizzes

When in a group, each person has a natural "role". Find out what yours is by taking this questionnaire!

whats your role

here is a nice presentation on stereotypes. After thinking about this - teachers can think about the stereotypes in the textbooks they use. Which ones are there?


The Howard Gardner MI test and the DOPE test - are both internationally recognized tests for our personality types...

Also, find here a nice review of S.M.A.R.T - the indicators for planning and setting goals....

This Teaching Style quiz, will tell you what kind of teaching style you have. Easy to do, just takes a minute. Also, find it online...

Your Teaching Style.doc

Teacher Self evaluation form.doc

Vocabulary Practice-School is......doc
Dr. Susan Barduhn is a professor at the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and is leading voice in TESOL teacher-training. She talks about what it is to be a teacher-learner (only first and last part of her lecture). See the slides HERE.

Here's a quick way to think about and find out your classroom management style...

Managing social relationships is important. Discuss these situations as if you were a foreign instructor. What would you do? ....




Try EnglishCentral

Public Speaking


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