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Assessment in EFL Classrooms - How to, Tips, Resources and What works.

Find here lots of resources to help you learn about appropriate methods of assessment in language classrooms. It is an important and "large" field and hopefully these videos and materials will help you with your own classroom practices. Also see Andrew Finch's videos on assessment This folder also has many assessment resources.

Full Level Test 1 / Full Level Test 2
/ Quick Placement Test / 4 min Placement Test

TOEFL Demo  /   TOEIC Demo / GRE Verbal Abilities Test

More on the PRACTICE page.

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This video highlights forms of alternative testing - like tracking sheets, student portfolios, projects, presentations etc.....
See the videos on assessments and especially alternative assessment, in the teacher training area. (see man website links in #10).

Rubrics are standard formative assessment tools in the English language classroom. Rubistar is on of several online rubric makers but you can easily make your own (and even better if you discuss and make this with students!). The attached blank rubric form can be easily completed using the descriptors provided for each level (1, 2, 3 or 4).

See the attached Placement speaking rubric and form for recording Korean student's marks and fluency levels......

Here's an intro video about Rubistar...

It is often good to discuss with colleagues and others how they evaluate. It is in this way, we come upon norms of delivery and evaluation within our own teaching context. Here's a nice look at how one Middle School teacher in Daegu evaluates her students.
These WIDA (world class instructional design and assessment) sample tests are great ways to evaluate students for some kind of standard.

Also see these Canadian Language Benchmarks ( see the speaking part/rubrics) which are the international standard for evaluating on a function (what students can do) basis.
Here are the standards upon which WIDA is based....
This Assessment guide is a thorough review of all assessment measures available (standard ones) and offers advice on administering and organizing assessment in the classroom.

This ELL glossary offers some definition to the "alphabet soup" of terms regarding EFL and especially assessment.
This more general talk about formative and summative assessment is a good overview.

Here is the interview and placement test. Find the ppt attached with a hard copy and also a list for tracking/recording student marks.

I mentioned the videos on Alternative Assessment. Here is the actual video. Get the worksheets and transcript See the others by clicking TEACHER TRAINING above...

This SOLOM matrix is good for general level evaluation. Use it and the other organizers from the Helping ELLs succeed Assessment chapter. A good basic read about assessment in EFL.

Thank you for sharing, David~~~

You're welcome! Lots of goodies to be found , spread the news!


This video (in 2 parts) really captures well Assessment for learning as oppossed to Assessment of learning .  

Here is the link to the resources for this webcast. Also, part two of the video. 

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